According to the plans of Miklós Ybl

The Ybl Palace, constructed according to the plans of the famous Hungarian architect Miklós Ybl in 1869, was originally erected as the headquarters of the First Hungarian Savings Bank Association of Pest. It functioned both as an office building and an apartment house.
The reconstruction works, due to which the building took its current form, were partly carried out on the basis of Ybl’s original plans. The special-purpose areas of the building, such as the main staircase and the bank’s great hall, were restored to their original, splendid state; to this day, this modern office building offers spaces that satisfy all the requirements of its present-day occupants.

Style and Quality

The unique, architectural beauty within this exquisite historic building generates a positive, inspiring atmosphere. The Palace offers to its partners a category A+ office building equipped with all the state of the art technology.
The rooms located in the superior five-storey building are equipped with full air-conditioning and raised floors, and their arrangement can be tailored to meet the partner’s needs. Moreover, the building also has a two-storey underground car park with 56 spaces.

An office building with space

The Palace stands in the downtown of Budapest, in a central, easily accessible area surrounded by imposing buildings.
It is characterised by style, a unique atmosphere and high level technical solutions – a comprehensive range of services, all for the convenience of the tenants.

Lindner Group

The complete construction and renovation of the Ybl Palace was carried out by Lindner SE, during which high-quality products, manufactured by the company were installed. More information can be found at:

The group is one of the biggest manufacturers of construction and interior design products in Europe, a market leader in the manufacturing of raised floors and suspended ceiling products and, through its subsidiaries, it has also been present in Eastern Europe since 1991. Lindner Group operates on a global level and has participated in a number of projects including:
– construction of the airports in Frankfurt, Hong Kong,
– it participated in the construction of several major office buildings all across Europe, such as that of the Sony Centre in Berlin, the headquarters of Deutsche Bank München and the Centralbank in Franfurt.